Monday, June 15, 2015

RACE REPORT - GHOST OF THE GRAVEL - About 113 intrepid riders left Sunday morning into the cold and wet. The Cat 4/5 pace was (as always for me), stupid fast as Jay and his fast group were determined to catch the 1/2/3 group that had left a minute before. A group of about 15 of us formed before we hit the first gravel/mud sector. We were a very Belgian looking group immediately. Through Water Valley where I saw Charles stopped with a mechanical which took him out of this day's epic. Next was the 55 Km gravel sector. After a gentlemanly pitstop we hit the long climbs. I said goodbye to this group and settled into my pace which included quick stops at both the 70Km and 90 Km stations. Was so looking forward to the long steady descent on Hwy 40 through the Hamlet of Waiprous, with that northwest wind blowing us - but as we rounded into that valley we were met with a strong east wind, driving rain and a touch of hail. This weather event passed as we turned to the Wildcat Hills and the last couple of gravel sectors to the finish.
Stats: 143.4 Km, with about 65 on gravel/dirt roads. 1750 metres of elevation. Trev won the Cat 1/2 with a SPRINT FINISH! - - - Yes, that was not a typo. See photo evidence. Jay Bachman won the Cat 5 with a fifth place overall by my calculation. Paul Anderson fifth Cat 5 - sporting the new gravel Argon 18 which of course he rode to the course and back home after for a few extra miles. Alan Oickle - seventh Cat 4. Dan Alboiu - eighth Cat 5. Paul Connolly, Scott Bratt, Mike Godfrey and myself all finished as well. A mixture of bikes were used with the consensus that the racing bike (most used 27's or 28's) was the faster choice. The gravel and dirt was soft with the rain and it was a tough slog. The racing bikes were in my observation clearly faster, and perhaps more stable, on the downhill sections (including the gravel) and on the pavement of course. It was a very well run event with plenty of marshalls - congrats to DeadGoat Racing! Rumour is for a new course next year.


Andres Perdomo said...

Congratulations well done.

AlanO said...

I'm still not done cleaning my bicycle!

Anonymous said...

Same here Alan!
About two liters of water poured out of my frame when I removed my protective tape off my down tube. Next time I'll remember not to tape my drain hole on my bottom bracket. It is there for a reason!
And yes: never ride a gravel race with your road pedals! If you have to stop, you won't be able to clip in again.
Things we learn....

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