Monday, September 28, 2015

Congratulations to Darcy! and a new direction for our club!

Club, the big news is that our VP and JLap Road Race Director landed himself a cool full time position as the General Manager and Sports Director of Alberta Biathlon. Congratulations Darcy!

What this means for the club:

When I heard word that Darcy had landed this job, all I heard was 'Darcy now has a big gun closet!'

So without further typing, I propose we take a slight direction change and position ourselves as the leading bike-athlon club in Alberta. Imagine a road race where you need to stop and shoot stuff in order to keep progressing through the course? The tactics would be a whole new level! You want to be in the peloton, but you just missed exploding the watermelon from 200 yards and have to reload ?!!?  Or.. if you are an excellent shot is it worth hitting all the targets right away and going off solo, or do you take a pee break?

I'll get some guns from Darcy this weekend and we'll try it out on the Fish Creek Pathways! Who's in!



Dennis said...

Now that would make things interesting!

Marie said...

OMG - I am SO in... Darcy, can you be the race director for this event too?! He he!

DarcyG said...

Well, it might me a touch more complex than that. Regulations and stuff... =)

But, did you know that there are running and mountain bike biathlons out there?

Also, there's snowshoe biathlon an archery biathlon. Yes, with a bow and arrow. I'm not making this up.

Calvin Monower said...

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Monower Hossain said...

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