Monday, September 7, 2015

STC at Marmot Basin Hill Climb Challenge

Dennis and I went up to watch the Stage 4 of the Tour of Alberta. We ran into Jenn up there too, which was great to see her enjoying the racing as well.

Dennis and I were able to compete in the Marmot Basin Hill Climb Challenge due to dB Performance sponsoring the Tour of Alberta. It was a mass start 11km event that finished through the actual finish line that the pros would be using about 2 hours after we finished. So the pros would race 150km, then hit the hill, while we got to just do the hill! One of the other competitors in the Hill Climb was the Edmonton Oilers Team Captain, Andrew Ferrence. His speed up the hill shows that a pro is a pro. He spends a large portion of his off-season on his bike and it shows!

It was a fun event and we appreciated being able to take part in the action, then watch the real riders crush the hill WAY faster than any of us did!

After the event, my daughter Jaya and I descended the 11km from the ski hill to the highway. Talk about a view!


Dennis said...

One small detail that Trev didn't mention was that he WON the race! Where's that pic with the podium girls?

Calvin Monower said...

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