Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Richmond Report

I made it to Richmond for Worlds. It was an awesome experience. I watched the women's race on Saturday and the men's on Sunday, the forecast called for rain but it held off.

Libby Hill was the place to be
Spent my time on 23rd Street Hill

Boivin in the early break

Boonen and Greipel spent lots of time up front
Valverde in the mix

Kristoff is a big dude

Am I looking cool without my car?
Phinney had problems all day with his bike
Not sure why Tony and the Germans were blocking here

I stayed at the Holiday Inn, same place as Michal

Richmond did an excellent job, world class. The race was always unpredictable. Sagan was totally hidden and exploded on the 23rd street hill in the last lap.


AlanO said...

Thanks for the photos Mike. Looks like a great experience

Unknown said...

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