Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Fun Race, AGM, and Party JANUARY 30

Happy New Year!!! 

It's time to celebrate a great race season in 2015, a successful J-Lap, and the onset of another exciting year.  We know everyone is super busy (and I don't just mean Darcy) so we've decided to combine our party with our AGM and a little something extra....  So don't dust off your stilettos and suits just yet. 

How about a little 10km ITT on the Computrainers?

For those of you with a little race fire in your bellies, we will be running 2 heats at the Engine Room (Speed Theory 735A -10 ST SW)
Nothing like beginning your season with a room full of your teammates yelling at you! Am I right?

Heat 1 can begin warming up at 5:45 and we will hit start at 6pm.  As soon as the bikes can be pulled off, Heat 2 can begin their warm up.

After the mayhem subsides, we will hold a brief AGM and State of the Union. We promise to keep it WAY shorter than Obama did. We'll aim for right around 7 pm for those of you who can't make it earlier to race or cheer.  There may be some fun awards... Please let me know if you are presenting any!  The award for "the best hair after a race" goes too....

After that it's a casual get together to reminisce and get hyped!

Pizza will be ordered and the beer will be cold.  There will also be a selection of wines and snacks a plenty.  Please bring a DD if you're planning to drink.  In fact, an excellent strategy would be to bring a friend whom you think might be interested in joining the team, as your DD.  Its a great way to get a vibe on what we are about. 

Reply to this post or email me ( and let me know if you are IN for the ITT. I will post the heats Friday (29th) night so you can mentally prepare for Saturday.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Marie, Darcy, Trev, and Dennis

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