Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lessons for you Amateurs from the Pros

G'day to you Newbies from Down Under. Here's your lessons for the day: 1. Forget all that fancy nutrition mumbo jumbo, here's Orica chowing down on pressed ham sandwiches with the soigneur bringing the espresso about 10 minutes before the start.
2. Hot day? Sunny day? Rain? not sure what to wear - just cut the top of your new cycling cap off so the elastic is intact and your visor will be snug into place. Don't worry, you can always get more kit for free! Matty Hayman to the left studiously cutting, then showing his style!
3. FOLLOW THE PROS FOR THE BEST COFFEE!!!!!!!!!! Drapac, UHC, Sky and Dimension Data (Cav's inside) all here in pic 1. Showing off the Speed Theory cap to IAM in pic #2. BTW - Refer to point #1 - IAM chowing on bacon and egg sandwiches mid ride the day following the race.
4. Yer a sprinter - you'll never survive three finish circuits with a 20% kicker! (AND - don't cheer Cav when he has been dropped. We got the dirtiest look you could give through Oakley's by just saying "Go Cav".)
That finishes your lessons for the day - go ride.

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Trev said...

Great post Ernie!! How was the Great Ocean Road Race for you?


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