Monday, January 11, 2016

STC descends on Phoenix for a brevet.

Mike Healy flew in from Dallas, Paul and I flew in from Calgary, and Stephen drove up from Tucson to meet for a chilly 200km Brevet this past Saturday. It being Phoenix and all, Paul and I thought we were escaping the cold for two days, but on the morning of the Brevet, we were greeted with 1 degree and thick water-enveloping fog. Yikes!   But throughout the day the fog burnt off and we got the course completed. The next day was the highlight of the trip as we drove a little East of Phoenix to a place called Apache Trail and rode to an old mining town called Tortilla Flats. The scenery was spectacular and the traffic minimal. Here are a few shots of the weekend:

Stephen, Trev, Paul, and Mike at Canyon Vista lookout near Tortilla Flats.

Just another ride in the desert ?!?!?!

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Dennis said...

Wow, Tortilla Flats looks amazing!

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