Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cyclo-crazy.... The Knobby Gobbler, the last ABA Cyclocross of the Season

Well, that was fricken tough. I can't believe how fast some dudes in Alberta are on the cross bike !!

The race started with about 15 dudes. Steve German and I lined up near the back since neither of us had been in an ABA CX race before and were pretty nervous. There were several dudes with pimped out bikes that I'd never seen before. Mr. Unbeatable Dominant Tim H. was there, but in the CX world, Shawn Bunnin, Erin Schooler, and Chris McNeil can lay it down like I can't imagine ! It was totally awesome.

Keith Bayley was sick and wasn't racing. But to make things interesting, he put up 2 $20 primes. The first one was for the first rider to finish lap 1, the next was to the last rider to not get lapped before the winner finished.... .... ... guess which one I won ?!?!

Sweet.... with my $20 spot, and my 10th place overall, I got to race hard, and see some amazing racing.

I will post some shots tomorrow, so check back. A really nice dude called Bill took some amazing shots. Erin, Cyrus, Shawn, and most dudes racing open men....if you're reading this, check back and I'll post the good shots. Erin, there is an awesome running one of you.

Pictures have been posted by Carson Bannon, here



Rob said...

Hot Damn! I checked this out on Saturday and I am choked I didn't race. Looked like a riot, well done t-Rev.

PEr said...

Got any of "Bunnin, Bici Forever" crew, I need those...

Trev said...

I have several. They are awesome.

I will try to get the shots up soon.

If you want high quality files of any of them, just email me and I'll email them to you directly.


PEr said... ,can't wait. Thanks in advance.

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