Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Speed Theory Cycling - Annual General Meeting

The "executive" had a meeting last week to discuss the team and ways to improve for next year. We want to set up a meeting this week or next to talk about these ideas, brainstorm more and just have "a social". We are trying to select a day. I would like to propose Thursday night of this week or Mon, Tues or Weds of next week.

Please "comment" on what day would be best. We want to get EVERYONE there (especially the guys who didn't race or raced little last year) so we can make it work for everyone in 2008.



Anonymous said...

I would like Thursday...Let's get this thing going guys!!

James T.

Anonymous said...

Thursday can work for me,

Dan Sigouin
(Hopeful new member of the team if I pass all of the newbie floggings and other cycling hazings!)

Rob said...

Monday or Tuesday next week works for me.

Don't worry Dan, the hazing is pretty simple. ;-) Just gotta show up.

Anonymous said...

Thursday this week works best for me.

Trev said...

I'm good any of those days.

If we ARE going to do Thursday, we've GOT to send out and email in a super hurry.


A-Train said...

Same here, any day is good. The more notice the better.

Anonymous said...

I am out of town on biz all next week - sorry gang.


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