Thursday, October 18, 2007

Transrockies Race Report.

Guys, here is our 'official' Transrockies Race Report that I will be supplying in printed format to our sponsors for the event, Scheffer Andrew. Just in case you are interested in looking at some pictures of the event, here is a link to the document:

Right here

I have tried to write it in a way that employees of Scheffer Andrew may still enjoy it even if they aren't familiar with cycling or competing.


Rob said...

Well done Trev and Charlie. You're both crazy.

Anonymous said...

Who's the axe murderer standing beside you Trev?
How come all the shots are of your backs? Proud of your butt or your calves?
Great race report - fantastic result!

Trev said...

Rob, among other things, I definately should have included in the RR is you and Alex's great jobs of posting here and keeping Scheffer up to date. However I was battling with length issues already. Sorry about that, and thanks again.

As to the other comment:
Charlie's calves, my butt.

(real answer) The Scheffer logo was on our backs.


Anonymous said...

That is the best and longest "how I spent my vacation" I have ever not read.

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