Friday, January 4, 2008

Ride from Steve's tomorrow

Meet at Steve's at 10am tomorrow for a ride. It is supposed to be around 5 degrees !

Here is a map to Steve's house

The ride will be out to Bragg Creek or something like that.



Anonymous said...

So where is Steve's? I will probably come along

Anonymous said...

hi guys,
13 cougar rdge mews s.w.
basically n.w. corner of old banff coach and 77 st, the condos

it would be nice to have a group out


Anonymous said...

Turns out I have a bit of a flu bug and will have to pass. Mike.

Trev said...

OK, we were wondering what happened to you. We headed out in the direction we thought you would be coming from just in case you flatted riding to Steve's or something.

Hope you're better be Monday's spin !

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