Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You fricken wimps.

Bonnie, Tracey, Sophia, and Murray,
when the weather gets tough, do they ever scurry,
Only Gary and the A-Train,
came out to Ricks to endure the pain,
All the others are getting fat in a hurry.

Mandy and Kim, I'm at a loss for words,
Isn't spending the evening with a bunch of nerds,
your version of fun?
Or are you done,
and you're sitting on the couch with the herds.

The spin is at Rick's again Wed. night. Huge, warm, garage.
I even used my rollers to provide entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Reply to speed theory Blog poem
Posted By Murray Stewart

Someone's that were mentioned
in the poem that so fare
Are the same from last year's
Garage gang, so please now beware.
We cycled in layers @ 40 below
With snow at our ankles and heaters that blow.
We came without quilt or feeling left out
We came without thinking about weather no doubt.
But once we read in the blog site yesterday
That our leader may not even come out to play.
Sent a signal to all that if he can't make the show
Then to our basement we went with trainers in tow.

We fired up our “puters” our fans and TV
We cranked the tunes, to the mirrors we'd see
The form was okay, the pedal is round
The legs were crankin, turning up that sound.
The sweat was dripping on lino or mats
There's now way in hell that we will get fat.

But Wednesday is different as it's coming midweek
For Sunday was a tough run for those who are geeks.
Some people were mentioned in the poem on blog site.
Stayed out in the cold until they were frost bite.
The wind had come up while the group was still out.
Jack frost in the air striking no doubt.
But Wednesday is near and we've warmed up our little buttocks.
To Rick's we will flock like a gang of small ducks.

See ya Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I was going to write my own limerick to answer Trev's.... but I am no competition to the Murmeister. With that... Kim and I will be dragging our butts to the garage on Wed.

Paul Anderson said...

Our contest is over and just in time.
As it takes too much effort to set your thoughts to rhyme.
I can now throw the limericks straight in the in the dumpster
But my biggest concern is have we created a monster?
Will we be able to talk in a group without stammering?
And now we be rhyming when we should be hammerin'!!

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