Sunday, February 20, 2011

Follow up to Tom's Post - How about a Cat 4 meeting


I have been thinking about trying to organize a session with the CAT 4 team and seeing Tom's posting, and the interest level, it seems like we could make it work.

I am wondering if it would be worth having it at the same time and have a larger group, then maybe break off into the CAT 4 CAT 5 groups. There are many guys that are probably close to moving to CAT 4 and would like to see who is there.

We can bounce around the same sort of topics. I am totally open to suggestions of locations, topics and time. It will not work for me to have a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night till April with conflicts with kid activities.


Slayer Dan

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Tom said...

I'll pick a venue that has enough space for lots of people.

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