Tuesday, February 8, 2011

UCC Heavy Weight Division Recap


I just wanted to add some spice to the 3rd round of the UCC. Not sure if Lockie brought out all the excitement when the heavy hitters took to the dance floor.

We all got on our bikes pretty early to get warming up. Everyone was pretty keen to get the legs warmed up and start hitting some gel shots. I think Rob and Simon were hoping for a major sugar high to start the race off pretty fast. I was getting concerned when we started the complicated weigh in process. I was the only rider in the entire house that was standing on the north side of 190 pounds and looking at the course profile, I knew that I was going to be lunch, supper and after supper snack food for the little wee boys. I'm not sure where Ary hides the weight, shoulders and chest like that should put him up around Thor or some other viking hero!

Anyways, like a gift from heaven, Big Bad Brad came down the stairs and topped the scale over 210! I knew that I might have a fighting chance holding off the Lantern Rouge battle!

As we started off the race, the boys settled in pretty hard and it was basically a race for second place. Wayde was gapping us in small increments, that turned into large increments.

It was really cool to hear everyone cheering and yelling about how high our watts were. My son decided it was time to hang some dung on the "Old Man" and call me out about how my fast moving Grandma in a wheel chair could pass me. I have now removed the little turd from my will with all proceeds of my estate going to any charity chosen by Jens Voigt.

I was in a huge battle with Brad so I figured I better start playing some mental games with him and trash talked him a bit. I was so focused on Brad, I didn't pay too much attention to Simon who was gaining on us on the climbs. I would like to have the weigh in ruling explained as the calves of Brad and myself alone weigh more then Simon. He was killing it on the final climb and I needed to start sprinting to take him. I don't remember what his time was but I was putting some pretty high level watts through the cranks to outlast him.

All in all, a very fun night that I will hope translates into a really solid race season. My son had a ton of fun cheering everyone on and showing off for the girls. He did get kind of flustered when Jaya started to flirt with him and try to sneak a kiss though. Next time, I hope to see some more kids out so they can see their parents dial into the "Old Basement of Pain!"


Slayer Dan

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