Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nose Hill XCountry Race, Feb. 12th.

Hey guys, as you know I am a big advocate of the Calgary Road Runners Winter Cross Country running series. I am going into my 9th year competing in these (I can't believe it has been that long!) and they are still just as fun my first one in Jan. 2003!

Just like our Prairie-Roubaix race, these races essentially capture the spirit of pure competition with no froo-froo. Entry fees cover the hall rental, some of the regular food, photocopying, and so on... but that's it. This way, with an entry fee of $10 ($7 for members), it is essentially open to all and provides an excellent opportunity to compete outside in the middle of winter instead of in your basement or at the gym.

I figure I had been enjoying these races for a full 8 years and it was time to give back, so I accepted the Race Directorship of my favourite venue when the long time director was looking to step down. These races are pretty bare-bones, but I do need a few volunteers. I am currently 3 short. I was wondering if anyone wanted to marshal/cheer on the race course (you will need to dress warm) from about 11:30am to about 1:10pm. After this, you are guaranteed to a great lunch of super soup/stew and all the dessert you can handle at the TriWood Community center!

Here is the Calgary Road Runner website for more info.

Email me if you can help out. If you would prefer to run, then for sure take part!! These are excellent events !!


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