Sunday, February 6, 2011

Underground Cycling Championships #3

UCC 3 - This Time It's Personal was held last night at Trev's, and again was a great time and wicked suffering. We were storing bikes in the garage post-race, and I think there were 20 bikes in there at one point, rad. The cheering always gets nuts, which is amazing for finding new levels of effort - I think I nearly lost my voice by the final event.

In round one, Frank casually threw down monster watts to easily destroy Trev, Jared, Thomas and me. I'm trying to borrow the x-ray machine used on Cancellara's bike to look for hidden engines. The description I heard later was that "Frank was dabbing the sweat from his face while Trev and Lockie put at least 50 watts into their pain faces".

Next up, Michael was forced to dig deep to keep newcomers Jenn and Kelly at bay, while Marcy and Shelley had a great battle, duking it out for the podium.

In the heavyweight men's division, big watts were the order of the day. I escaped to relative safety upstairs when I saw one of the computrainers catch on fire. Wayde comfortably won this one, if by comfortably you mean nearly passing out and falling off the trainer at the finish. Brad, Slayer Dan, Handsome Rob, Aryeh and Simon were neck and neck for nearly the whole race, I think Simon clinched 2nd (editor: Dan got 2nd) by winding up his sprint with 8km to go?

The main event of the evening was the A Women. Big names like Marilyn of TransAlps fame, and Tanya "Poker Face" Destruction lined up and put on a great show of suffering. Tanya took an early lead, while Jill stayed hot on her heels by standing for the last 19km. There was a battle and some mid-race trash-talking between Anna, Marie and Marilyn - Marilyn looked solid in 3rd for the first half. Tomo's tire blew when she unleashed fury at mid-way, and in the ensuing confusion, Marie attacked and never looked back.

Quite a few people stayed around for UFC. The chef was serving pizza and squash spaghetti, followed up by cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies, which I'm pretty sure made it a calorie neutral evening for most people.

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