Saturday, January 14, 2012

Four STC and two potentials in one shot.

How many cycling teammates can you pack into one run picture?

'JC' Godfrey and I manned the finish line timing clock today for the Nose Creek XC race. Simon brought his kids Sarah and Matthew to race the 4km and Shelley (the red behind Simon) ran with them.

Not in the shot were Carl Miiller, Marilyn Taylor, Melody Switzer, and Marie Michalski of STC and Brad Barron of the Crankys.

Sarah wore the GPS camera for me!

Great weather for a race and a ride. Thomas got out with a solid crew for a 6.5hour ride into the Priddas area and Marcy and Cate went north for a 3.5hour ride towards Cross Iron Mills. Hopefully some others were able to get out to enjoy this great weather!


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