Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great time last night, a good Christmas, and some great holidays.

Today I volunteered for Kimberley/Cranbrook's traditional 'Fell' Run put on by Malcolm Sargent in Wycliff (which is right in between the two towns). I was perched on the first of two peaks counting runners to ensure no one was lost. Marilyn raced along with teammates Jay and Cathy Rankin who are staying in Kimberly.

Here is a shot of the 16 racers who braved the amazing backdrop of Mount Fisher and a few hangovers to take part in today's event.

The next shot is from a head cam just coming into an aid station where mulled wine is forced upon you. It's a rule to have at least 1 cup. That's just how we roll in Cranbrook.

SAVE THE DATE !! Jan. 19th is the night of our AGM. It would be great to have all club members, and POTENTIAL club members there. We will go over our successful 2011 and ways on how to improve for 2012. Please come, enjoy the free pizza and beer, and hang out. I will post a rough idea of what you can expect soon but for now... SAVE THE DATE !!

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