Tuesday, January 3, 2012

With this crazy awesome weather....

...many of us are getting outside to ride! Remember your ABA, STC, and UCI license expired on Dec. 31st 2011.

To be covered by insurance on your training rides, they have to be 'Club Training Rides'. So post them in the Training Ride Forum or on the website and they become official. You also have to be a current STC member.

Here is the link to register for your 2012 STC membership.

Here is the link to register for your ABA race licence.

If you want to offset the two costs a bit, I have paid the ABA our 'club' dues which (along with your STC membership) will cover you on all official training rides. So get your STC membership now, and then your ABA license closer to Prairie-Roubaix (April) when racing starts.

ANNUAL AGM IS JANUARY 19th !! Please plan to attend!!

If you know of any riders that have expressed interest in our club or 'a cycling club', please forward them this post and invite them to the AGM. They can meet our club members and start getting to know us. If you are reading this and are a potential club member, come to the AGM and mingle with current members over free pizza and beer (with a DD).

Potential Team Sponsors?

We have decided to look into adding the logo of corporate entities onto our jersey which will go DIRECTLY into subsidizing race/training kit for all our members (all equally). If you work for / own a company that would like to be represented please direct them toward me.


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