Friday, January 27, 2012

Sunday Jan 29 Ride

Five hour ride today for Darcy, Rob, Jay, Harley and I. We went Old Banff, Springbank Airport, Highway 22, Horse Lake, Big Hill Springs and back into Calgary. The only sign of winter out there was at COP where there is some World Cup event going on (See Jaya watching the World Cup Arials).

A couple of cross bikes, two road bikes and a nice custom steel winter rig with Brooks saddle and fenders under Rob got us around. The ride up Highway 22 was an adventure, crosswinds were harsh, every now and again it seemed to slap you in the side of the face but we made it. Lets hope we can continue to get out on a regular basis.


Steve P said...

It's a strange winter when rides are posted next to XC Ski days...

Clarke E said...

Sorry I couldn't make it in the end guys, sounds like it was awesome...late January riding!

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