Monday, February 6, 2012

Clothing Order is ready to go ! DEADLINE FEB. 17th

Thomas has once again got his 'front-end' together for our clothing order to make it extremely easy for us to get our kit! Thanks Thomas.

You MUST be a team member to order clothing. Register as a team member first, then order clothing.

You have just under 2 weeks to order kit.

ACCESSORIES: This will be the ONLY order round we try to get accessories as they require different minimums that are harder to attain. So if you want arm/knee/leg warmers, NOW is the time to order them.

The Doctrine Training kit: I got Thomas to design the world's first incarnation of 'The Doctrine' kit! He did a wicked job as usual and I am excited to show you guys. I plan on using this kit at training camps and corporate retreats. If you would like to order it, since it looks wicked, we have added it as an option. NOTE: You need an STC jersey to race for STC. The Doctrine kit would not be for racing.


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