Monday, February 13, 2012

Calgary Greenway Project update.

I just got back from a great meeting with Calgary Parks Foundation on our involvement with the Greenway Project. I am pretty excited as the meeting went extremely well in terms of everything the club wants to accomplish through supporting a great cause and having it in Jason's name and support cycling/healthy living in and around the community.

They are going to be setting up an allocation fund where our club and others supporters can donate funds in Jason's name for an allocated project along the pathway.

More importantly, the interval running/training track project along the Greenway Project is currently being designed and conceptualized and they require relevant input and consultation to build a usable and sustainable facility. They are excited to have our club as a knowledge and experience resource they can draw from. In exchange, they thought an allocation of part of the major project could be named in Jason's memory.

The club you belong to is a great place to learn how to train and race, meet training buddies, belong to a wicked group of people, and will now have a very real and relevant charitable project in Jason's name. I am pretty excited. I will keep you updated.



Thomas said...

This is awesome. What a great project to get involved with.

mdjoss said...

This is great news Trev.

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