Saturday, February 4, 2012

Madden, Arizona?

Spectacular riding up north today. Our numbers keep growing and 9 of us headed out this morning for what Harley prescribed as "a social ride". It sure turned out that way until about the third hill. I think it was Matt and "the look" that ended the social aspects, except of course for the few brief stops to wait for the wounded.

The look

Somewhere around Madden it started to get nice and warm, layers were all peeled off.

Harley stripping off the arm warmers

We picked up the pace on the way home, heading south the west wind came up and we had a perfect echelon going, six of us across the quiet road, the last man always looking back to warn us of the pickups.

I heard Matt say this was the longest, fastest, hardest, earliest in the year ride he has done. We are sure spoiled wiith the weather. Next weekend is looking ok so far, let the computrainer gather dust and give the trainer a break, unless of course you are spinning with Trev. Keep an eye on the training ride forum.

Can we race soon?

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jayrankin said...

Great photos Mike from a fantastic ride on an awesome February day. Please tell me this is not a dream.


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