Wednesday, July 10, 2013

dB Performance Jason Lapierre Memorial Cycling Weekend Aug. 9th - 11th. Some Updates.

Club, for this year, our flagship event has some tweaks.  Our sister club, the Calgary Crankmasters agreed to my request of helping us out with one of the 3 events we hold over the weekend. This really takes a strain off our volunteer base and allows more of you to race when you want to! Thank you very much to the Crankmasters for continuing to be a huge asset to Alberta Cycling, and congrats on another successful Stampede Road Race.

So the format this year for the dB Performance Jason Lapierre Memorial is this:

Friday August 9th, for a 6pm start time: Crankmaster 20km Airdrie ITT
Saturday August 10th, for a 4pm start time:  Kids Fun event (every parent that rides and has a kid should be present!)
Saturday August 10th, for a 5pm start time: Downtown Criterium.  (This is our shining jewel event, highlighting cycling to downtown Calgary)
Sunday August 11th, for a 10am start time: Prairie-Roubaix 4 Returns!

So get your kids pumped, and put all these events on your calendar!
Thank you once again to Dennis Bland, owner of dB Performance, for sponsoring this event.

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Mike U. said...

Trev, please send me an e-mail at if you want an introduction to the Wild Rose Brewery for prizes. Cheers, Mike

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