Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thursday Night Skills TONIGHT Aug. 1st at 7pm !

Team:  Tom Kenny and I will be hosting TNS this week. It will be a 7pm start in North Glenmore Park starting from the corner of 37th St. and 66th Ave.. The Western most parking lot that is gravel.

I have some cool coaching ideas I have been thinking of to try out to teach climbing skills more effectively and Tom will be working on pre-corner positioning, entry and exit speeds, cornering 2 and more abreast, and etiquette. I hope both will be really worth coming out for!

For my groups tomorrow night, people will need a pair of runners as I am bringing a bike with platform pedals for people to use and get some of the ideas I will be showing. So pack a pair of runners with you for tomorrow night.

See most of you at 7pm in Lakeview!


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