Tuesday, July 16, 2013

STC clothing, round 2.

I just heard from Champion Systems that the latest round of clothing isn't going to get here until Aug. 15th. So the jerseys for the newest members won't be here before the Tour de Bow or the Jason Lapierre weekends. The club has a few jerseys we've acquired from having to hit the minimums on some orders over the last year, so we have several extra jerseys.

If you plan on racing in the TdB or the JayLap Memorial, either email me directly or comment here what size you think you are and we will either get you a jersey to loan for the events, or, if we don't have that size, we will coordinate you borrowing one from a member. Don't leave it to the last moment though, from about 2 week out of the event I am crazy busy coordinating, so it is best to handle it now.



Waleed al Rabeh said...

Are there any medium skinsuit/aero jerseys that I can purchase?


Trev said...

We have about 3 medium skinsuits. One of which you can borrow for the rest of the season. Email me when you want it and I will leave it in my mailbox for you to pick up.


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