Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Stampede Road Race THIS WEEKEND, Registration.

Women's contingent, Stampede Road Race, July 2011
Club, the Stampede Road Race this weekend is put on by our sister club The Calgary Crankmasters. I really encourage you to attend. It is a long established, well organized event. This is a fairly unique race on the Albertan racing calendar as it is raced in 'Age-Groups'. There is an 'Elite' category for racers that want to race in the highest ability category, and then 'Age-Group' waves starting shortly after. This is a PERFECT event if it is your first ABA race. I have raced this event about 8 times I think and each time it was been a typical Crankmaster event: well-executed and athlete friendly.

Women, this is a perfect opportunity to try out an event for the first time if you are hesitant. This is a low-key affair where you will be introduced to racing on a course that is beautiful and challenging.

Read more about the event here:  Tech Guide.

Registration is here.

Newer cyclists and and potential racers often look at experienced racers and assume they somehow just know how to race, or that it's all about fitness. The truth is, everyone has to learn, often by failing. Here is one of my many examples:

About 6 or 7 years ago, I got into a break at this race with Zach Bell, Jeff Bolstad, and another rider. I was a fairly new racer at the time (about 4 years experience) and excited to be in a break. In the paceline I kept surging forward with enthusiasm slightly gapping the riders behind. Jeff scolded me out and told me to ride smarter in general and also let Zach do the most work. Me, not knowing who Zach was, resolved myself to do just as much work. With 2 laps to go, as Zach effortlessly pulled the other two riders slowly away from my rapidly failing legs, the lessons Jeff tried to teach me were sinking in. The moral of the story?:  training and reading about cycling is one thing, but you learn valuable lessons far faster when in an environment where you will feel the effects of your mistakes. For me, I learned my mistakes that day the hard way, meaning I will never forget them.

I encourage you to attend this event and support a great cycling club.

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