Monday, August 11, 2014

A big thank you to the whole STC Club and the Crankys! Now let's party!

This year, as usual, the outpouring of support and help from the STC community was fantastic. Together with our like-minded club, the Crankmasters, we offered Alberta racing cyclists an opportunity to compete in 3 events.

From Randy, Rob, Darcy, Marie, Joelle, Dennis, Tom and I, thank you to all our club mates for helping host a memorable weekend....

... and what is a hard weekend without the opportunity to have a party after?

Mark your calendars, let's all cheer on the Tour of Alberta pros on the COP hill on Sept 2nd, then walk over to Mark and Marie's for a BBQ and party!

Sept. 2nd. is the date. I will post more info on the time when we should all meet and walk to the COP course together. For now, block that evening off (like is wasn't blocked off already, Sagan may be back!). The Prologue would typically run from like 5pm-ish to 7pm-ish, so we'll watch that, then head over to Mark and Marie's which is like 400m away.

STC Girls, TdB 2014.  Courtesy: Cochrane Eagle

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