Monday, August 11, 2014

Race season still going strong!

Before you think of partying too much, there is still lots of racing with WNS. Three more races including an awesome 40 k TT this coming Wednesday. Have you ever wanted to establish your best time in a 40 k TT? Looking to go under 60 minutes?

Maybe draw some inspiration from the Jay Lap Cat 1/2 Road Race with our man Trev on a solo breakaway for over one lap before being joined by 2 other riders. This is the view from the commie car.

I have to go out of town next week so we need someone to organize and run the race on Aug 20. It would be nice to have one race up in the NW, if anyone can do it please let me know.

The link to WNS is above and here.

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Dennis said...

That was an epic solo effort!

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