Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jay Lap Weekend - Volunteer Needs

STC folks,

The big Jay Lap weekend is coming, and it's our time to shine as a club. Many, many thanks to all those who have volunteered for both the crit and the road race, but we could always use more. In particular, we really need:

- Course marshalls for both the crit and the road race. Bring a friend, bring a lawn chair, bring a book. Heck, bring a portable bbq and tailgate. The weather looks promising.

- A couple of volunteer "floaters" for the road race. I'll probably designate you as the ABA technical delegate's helper for the day, and you'll be probably running results from the finish to the community hall, helping hand out numbers at registration, and whatever else Gillian needs you to do.

- Another person or two to help Tom with hall clean-up would be awesome.

Head to to volunteer. You'll be in our good books forever (or, at least until next year, when we'll ask again...)

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