Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cross Season is approaching! You need to register for the Wednesday night series soon!

Thank you Jared for the awesome race report. That is an accomplishment very few people can imagine. the dedication to your training leading up to this event has been remarkable to watch. Please don't forget to read the race report below.

The club that offers the Wednesday Night CX Series in town is called Midweek Mayhem and is run by Brent Topilko. It is an awesome resource for Calgary cyclists and I encourage you to give it a try if you have ever though CX racing looked cool. A good progression is to do the Midweek Mayhem series the first year, and then both the Mayhem and the ABA weekend races the next year.

Registration for the Midweek Mayhem starts Aug. 25th. Info here.
The CX schedule for the Wednesday nights is here.

If you have waited until now to join the club, we always offer a 'CX Membership' which allows you to race the ABA races as part of STC. Here is the link for STC CX Membership.

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