Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 15th, it's on ! Indus 20km ITT

The race is officially on on April 15th at 11am sharp. Please visit the Crankmaster's site for a map to the race start.

Like I wanted to last week, let's all try to meet at 10am sharp at the race start. That way we can all sign up and go for a warm up ride together.

IF YOU WANT TO RIDE OUT THERE WITH ALEX AND I, MEET AT TALISMAN READY TO GO AT 9AM !! Please comment here if you plan to meet us.

Greg said the jerseys are very close. Apparently he was able to secure one for his race in IM Arizona this weekend. So they should be sending out the batch very soon.



Peter Lawson said...

I'll ride out with you guys as well.

See ya at the T Sunday morning! :)

Kyle Marcotte said...

I''l be there.

Anonymous said...

I'm in! See you guys at 9


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