Sunday, April 22, 2007

Balzac 20km TT. 'The Refrigerator 20'

Well it was a super cold brutal day for the racers.

Competing for Speed Theory Cycling today were:
Alex Shaw 30:37
Rob Wooley 37:25
Mike Healy 35:46
and newcomers:
Kirk Draper 30:59
Carl Miiller 34:13

I volunteered as a starter, which was fun. I got to scream at everyone as they were beginning their 30mins of pain.

Hopefully we can have a bigger turn out at some of the later races.

Other notables in the race were:
Steve German (TRS) 29:08
James Tallian (Crankmasters) 30:14
Kyle Marcotte (TRS) 28:25
Kirk Loberg (Campione) 31:47
Frank Woolstencroft (TRS) 30:18
Jared Green (TRS) 28:29

Results found here

Notable absentee today was Paul Anderson, who is settling into married life perfectly.



Rob said...

A HUGE thanks to T-rev. Two reasons:
1) Being an excellent Volunteer
2) Getting the ST team fired up on an extremely cold day.

Alex, Mike, Kirk and Carl; way to go!

Friends of ST, damn. Scary fast as always.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how come I got kicked off the team?

Trev said...

Ha ha, oopss... I'll add you right now! :)

I guess I accidently replaced you instead of added Carl Miiller.

Fixing it right now.


Trev said...

Actually, that wasn't the problem. The list was limited to 17 entries. I had to update it to go to 18. So you never got dropped... :)


Anonymous said...

Who hoo back on the team!

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