Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bonjour mes amie

Nice to meet everyone last Sunday, thanks for the ride to 22X. I was utterly lost within 5 minutes after leaving Talisman, but luckily made it home with James and his new horse-resistant van. I look forward to more rides together and a great season. Couple of things to mention:
1) I will be away for May (my wife and I are in France on holiday, woohoo)

2) and I work at foothills hospital and do a fair bit of on-call work which means the more notice for rides the better as I can sometimes swap call with my colleagues.

Thanks for making me feel welcome and see you in Balzac if its not snowing too hard.


Fieldwalker said...

I didn't sign the above post other than with my last name, so here you go:


Peter Lawson said...

Good to meet you Matt, Trev and some of the other team members last weekend too.

Looking forward to ripping it up this Sunday in Balzac!

Lets hope for sunny skies and light winds!


grant said...

Hey Matt,
I was wondering if you are looking for someone to housesit while you are away. I did some last year and am looking to house sit again this summer. You can contact me at grant.thegforce@gmail.com, or ask Trev to verify I'm a cool guy!

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