Saturday, April 14, 2007

Indus TT today. RESULTS NOW UP

Well, there was a huge turn out for the first TT race of the year today. 56 riders took the 20km TT and wrestled it until the finish. The day was cross-windy with several gusts and temperatures around 7degrees.

Of the SpeedTheorists were:
Paul Anderson: 31:42
Alex Shaw: 30:17
Peter Lawson: 34:33
Rod McAllistor: 31:49
Matthew Fieldwalker: 30:53
Trev Williams: 27:54

Friends racing included,
Kyle Marcotte: 28:14
Frank Woolstencroft: 30:30
Steve German: 29:40
James Tallian: 30:15

Also, congradulations to James Tallian for not hitting a horse while competing today.

Full results found here.


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