Monday, April 23, 2007

Tempo Rides Tuesday and Thursday

Tempo Rides this week:

UPDATE: POP=60% Stash a rain cape if you have one

When: Tuesday April 24th, Thursday April 26th 6:00pm.
Where: Start at the Extreme Bean
Distance: I think the plan is a 70k-ish Cochrane Run
Who: Anyone is welcome.

It's a tempo ride so nothing amazingly fast. I'll be riding on Tuesday, so pretty much anyone can keep up with me. Thursday, look for James Tallian to lead.

Here's a link to a map to the Extreme Bean.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob!!

Let's get out there Speed Theory dudes...come out and get to know your team-mates. Finally the weather looks good for the week.

James/CrankyMaster :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in for both rides. I live in Ranchlands so if anyone is near me in the NW maybe we can meet and ride down to Extreme Bean together.


Rob said...

Hey Alex, I have a cruiser single speed you can ride. That way, I might be able to keep up. You friggin' speed freak! ;-)

Trev said...

That's a neat idea, that 'labels' thing.

I will try to make it to the Thurs ride.

I will loan Alex my daughter's pushy-cart, so when we're drafting him in that it'll be easy for us !!


Peter Lawson said...

I "should" go to my UCTC pool session BUT the weather looks to be gorgeous tomorrow night.

Perfect for a nice tempo ride to Cochrane. :)

PS Any news on our kits?!?

Captain Kirk said...

Can make it out for the Thursday ride. Not sure of where the Extreme Bean is. Are you doing 70+ km's on Thursday and making your way out to Cochrane again?


Trev said...

Kirk, I added a link to a map to the Extreme Bean in the original post.


Captain Kirk said...


Thanks and will see you on Thursday Night.

Peter Lawson said...

meh I have a thing to stay for after school tonight.. will try to make Thurs nights ride.

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