Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Penticton Bike Tour/Wine Camp Days 4 and 5

Day Four
Today is a rest, fun day. There are two options. We can ride to Okay Falls, lay it all down on “The Wall” to see who earns the title of “Super Hill Climb Champion Cyclist of the Universe”, head to Highway 3A via Area 51, descend the Yellow Lake climb, swagger up Green Mountain Road, cruise down to Penticton and saunter along the bike path back to the homestead. Click here to see the ride map. Orrrrrrr, we take the day off, sleep in, and spend some time introducing ourselves to a number of wineries in the area. I choose option two.

Day Five
Today is the second of the three hard rides of the week. What makes it hard isn’t the distance (~190kms), but the terrain. Both ride categories will begin the ride together. We head south to Oliver and then climb the road to Mt. Baker ski hill. Once the paved road turns to gravel, theRad category turns around and heads back to Penticton. This ride will come in around 120kms. Don’t underestimate the distance as the climb is substantial. It was by far my biggestwhiny day during last year’s tour. I actually went back and finished it with Jared on the last day because I quit during the first attempt with Trevor and Frank earlier in the week. Once on the gravel road, the Awesome-Rad category will don the face masks and continue on. This ride will take the crew to Highway 3 and then descend down Anarchist into Osoyoos. After a donut or six at Horton’s, the ride heads north back to Penticton.

Just as a heads up, we’re about 19 days until we meet at the Denny’s parking lot in Penticton at 9 a.m. on Sunday, May 16, and embark on the Day One ride. Get booked. Get your transportation in order. More importantly, get on your bike and get some miles in before the Penticton trip. I know, the weather right now is begging us to strap on the downhill skies and head for the slopes, but keep your focus and get on your bike. You’ll enjoy Penticton that much more. That last part was more of a self-pep talk because I was (and still am) intimidated with the focus and drive the swarm of cyclists exhibited at the Prairie-Roubaix. Except for Carson- I can never be intimidated by Carson.

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