Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Three things. The PR, the Clothing Order, the May 30th ITT.

We will post the finish video showing all the CatC's, most of the CatB's, and 3 of the CatA's finish. This video is in Slow Motion High Definition though, so I have to compress it like crazy and host it. So pretty soon.

Also, Thomas just gave me the tracking numbers for the clothing order! It has been officially shipped and is due to get to my house on Friday !! There is just shy of 100lbs of lycra coming our way ?!? CRAZY !! I will let you know when it is here and ready to be picked up. So you will be able to wear the shorts in a bit before the club heads up to Velocity.

I need a race director for our May 30th ITT. We may downgrade this race to a big club event, so the 'directing' will be significantly reduced. I don't want to, but we need to here back from the MD for permission first. Also, I will do everything in the background so I just need someone to coordinate the course/safety/BBQ/food/atmosphere. I will help you.


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