Saturday, April 24, 2010

Velocity Stage Race

Who's going?

Note: You can't race in the crit or road race if you don't compete in the previous race(s).

Women: Emilie, Marylin, Tanya H., Natalie, Laura
Cat 5: Darcy G, Jevon A., New Rob W., Mark J., Tom K., Old Rob W., Mike Hoang, David M.
Cat 4: Clarke, Michael G.
Cat 3: Harlee, Thomas
Cat 1/2: Lockie, Dennis, Charles B., Trev

[Trev's addition] The club has 2 medium skin suits for club members to use for ITTs. Let me know who wants to use them and I will get them to Velocity.


Jevon Almond said...

i'm in the road race for sure (cat5) might be able to make the crit.


Darcy G said...

I'm for all three.

Darcy G (Cat 5)

Mark said...

I'm planning on racing Cat 5. I don't think racers can do only the road race unfortunately - see the tech guide:
"Riders must finish each stage in order to continue onto the next. Riders lapped and pulled in the Criterium will be given a calculated time and permitted to start the Road Race."

Mark J

Jevon Almond said...

Thanks for the clarification Mark!

I will be racing all 3!

Robert said...

cat 5.

Dennis said...

I was planning to do the ITT and the RR but not the CR (Cat 1/2) because I have a committment on Saturday night in Edmonton... but if I miss the CR then I can't start the RR. That requirement seems to be different than from previous years.

Speed Theory Admin said...

Dennis, I would really be surprised if that was really the case, email the organizer.


Tom K said...

I'm in

Tom cat 5

Charles said...

ill be there

RobWoolley said...

Signed up and in.

Mike said...

Mike Hoang

Lockie said...

Totally in!

Emilie and David said...

Emilie & I are both racing.

Harley Borlee said...

I'm signed for Cat 3!!!

mgodfrey said...

I'm in for Cat 4.

Michael G

AlanO said...

Unfortunately I could only make the road race but with the rules I'm out all together...bummer!

Mark said...

Good luck this weekend team! I will think of you all while I am sitting on my ass observing the leadership skills of teenagers.

Rob, I fully expected to see in the race report that you went off the front of the peloton in the first 15 minutes.

Mark S

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