Thursday, April 22, 2010

United Cycle on P-R

Found this nice report on the United Cycle site:

Wow. I am still in awe of what Speed Theory put on Sunday. For a spring training event, it was HUGE!! There must have been at least 100 people there, no joke. Ever been to the Pigeon Lake RR and seen all the people milling about in the parking lot? Yeah, it was like that except on a secondary road outside Airdrie. Three groups went off on the 14km loop that was pretty much all either up or down and sometimes sideways. Yes, sideways. The gravel section lived up to all the hype and racers were sliding and skidding all over the place. It was definitely one of the deciding sections on the race course. Wind picked up partway through, but was otherwise a beautiful day for bike racing. Look for some pictures online somewhere and you'll get some idea of what was going on.
Great race course and organization by Speed Theory. Thanks guys.


Jason said...

Great comments - kudo's again to everyone that made last weekend's racing happen so smoothly. It was awesome.

Jason W

Greg Nicholson said...

I made the trip from Sherwood Park. Well worth the trip!

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