Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tucson Saturday Morning Shoot out


That's the sound of me being spit out the back end at the 35km mark.
The Saturday morning shoot out leaves early from the University every Sat. morning. It's a 90km loop with the 'race' portion on the way out. The first 12km is through town and the group, all 100 or so of us, stay together. It's not until after the last stop light does it pick up..... and man does it pick up. The road is not exactly smooth so you just have to hold your line and hope your teeth stay in. I managed to hang on to the main pack for 35km before the little surges took too much out of me. After the blood left my eyes, I looked up and was 10 feet off the back. A perilous position that I tried to remedy but another surge came and I was 20 feet off the back and on my own. I rolled up one guy, then two, then three and before I knew it we had about 18 guys working together. We never caught the main group but we were surprisingly not as far behind as I thought we were. 18 guys rotating through at 40-60km/hr was totally awesome.

Clay hung on to the main pack and rode strong. He said he was feeling like a truck ran over his legs at the end but he made in with the big guns. If you're in Tucson, you MUST do this ride even if you get spit out, it's still way fun to ride with some high caliber men and women.


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