Sunday, March 27, 2011

April Spin Classes for Granfondo riders or Charity Ride cyclists.

Guys, I have decided to offer two spin classes directed toward people who have registered for a Granfondo or a Charity Ride. As opposed to my Race Spin Classes, which focus on race tactics, race fitness, and showing videos of awesome racing, these will focus on the fundamentals of cycling and developing fit, competent riders. We will be talking about how to safely ride in packs, nutrition during riding, and proper equipment as well. The workouts will be challenging and progressive, but not at the intensity of my race spins.

The times are Sun. and Tues. evening at 7:00pm - 8:40pm.

If you know of any friends that have decided to try out a Charity Ride or signed up for a Granfondo, please send this to this link!

Or send your friends this link directly:

If these are popular, I will run these from April through June.

Thanks guys,

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