Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KEEP TABS ON THE Training Ride Forum

Now that the weather may have broken, keep tabs on the Training Ride Forum. Tom, Darcy, Michael, Dan, Thomas, and I will post bigger rides here if they are directed at the Cat4/5's and Women for learning/training purposes, but all other rides will be posted in the Training Ride Forum. I would like to see a Prairie-Roubaix pre-ride posted soon!!

NOTE: ALL club members are totally free to post rides on this forum. If you are going out for a ride and you want company... post it!! You can say 'No Drop', or 'Hard Tempo', or whatever, don't feel like if you post a ride it has to be completely inclusive. You could post your workout and say, "If you want to join me for this, come along!"....stuff like that.


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