Sunday, March 20, 2011

Penticton Bike Camp - Make the Call and Day 3 Rides

It’s mid March and if you haven’t decided on whether or not to come to Penticton for a week of riding in May, then get on it. You can click here on the Penticton Bike Camp Overview to read some general information and help you focus a bit on getting prepared. The document summarizes what’s been posted so far about the camp and what was discussed at the meeting at Speed Theory on March 1. From here on end, the posts about the camp will be geared towards those who are actually coming. The Day 1 and Day 2 rides are posted in the previous blog post on February 25.

The rides on Day 3 are long. It’s essentially the Ironman bike course with some added hill climbs if you so desire. I removed the out-and-back because it's useless and boring. I also replaced the Yellow Lake climb with Green Mountain Road because GMR is nicer, has less traffic and the descent makes you feel like you’re flying a spaceship:

If you want roommates, let folks know you are coming to the camp in the comments section of this Blog Post. People can then see who needs a roommate and get in contact accordingly.

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acnoel said...

I need someone to room with! I'm Amy. I'm new. I'm nice?

email me if you want a pal room with


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