Thursday, March 17, 2011

Goodbye Karaoke Party

Hey Guys,

I'm leaving Calgary @ the end of the next week, (March 25th) so am throwing a little going away Karaoke party @ Loco's Grill & Lounge. It's a bit of a dive bar, but tons of fun. Drop by for a drink, for a song or for the evening! There will be lots of people dropping by at various times in the evening, so don't hesitate to come by at any time for any length of time.

Hope to see everybody there!

Saturday March 19th, 8pm - 2am



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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your party. I had another event that was higher priority ( inother words, my wife had and event that I had to go to).

Best of luck. Hope to see you on the road back here soon.


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