Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pre-Roubaix Tech guide !

Guys, the Pre-Roubaix 20/40km ITT directions and race guide is up and available here.

Please support this race as it is on a great course, great Provincial ITT championship training since it is on the same course, the town is enthusiastic about cyclists, the weather is 45.6% guaranteed to be awesome.

The 'Race Eligibility' rules are the same for the Prairie-Roubaix. Basically you have to be a member of either STC or Crankys, and/or have a valid ABA race license.

This awesome race weekend is for the love of pure racing and sport, not for upgrade points. No ABA upgrade points on offer. However, the Prairie-Roubaix has awesome trophies this year made with actual gravel from the course.

The Crankmasters have joined our drive to get more women out at the races! We realize this is a small token, but we hope all our efforts add up to getting women out trying and getting addicted to racing. So women race free for the entire weekend!


Dennis said...

Awesome! make sure you pick up something from the local store in acme to support local business... We want to keep this course.

Who do we contact to volunteer? (assuming i dont get sick from the radiation in japan)

Trev said...

Great points Dennis, I will get up a volunteer post very soon. Thanks,

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