Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Annual STC GALA, Oct 14th !! For all members. ... and Beer Mile!

It is that time of year. You get to place an 'X' on your calendar with giddy excitement in anticipation of Tom Kenny's Annual STC Gala !! Oct 14th !

The official invitation to this year's event is here.

Please bring a DD or a sleeping bag as the evening is open bar (meaning beer and wine). The appetizers and finger food would probably constitute a great dinner but this is NOT a 'sit down supper' affair. It is a casual get together to get to know your team mates better while drinking a (read: several) beer or wine.

This is YOUR opportunity to officially recognize other team members for their inspirational conduct, or for their ridiculous behaviour! Start thinking of fun awards to present a teammate now.

Even if you haven't made it out to any races this year, still come to this. Even if your belly grew more than your quads this year, still come to this. Even if your 5 year old daughter raced her bike more than you did this year, still come to this.

Carson (the official caller of Calgary Beer Miles) has officially performed his divine duty and called a beer mile on the same evening. I plan to attend this prior to the STC party as most people that know me know, I may not be a fast cyclist, but damn can I beer mile. If we have enough STC dudes heading to the BM before the Gala, I will arrange to have a huge van there to transport us down the road to Tom's. Last year Frank had to fit into Jaya's carseat. (read: comfortably fit into Jaya's car seat.) If you haven't been to or watched a beer mile, this is your chance. Bring friends to the beer mile, this is NOT an STC affair. The Gala is a member-only thing though.

See you on the 14th of Oct. . ... it's on!

Will Frank's new astonishing speed on the run translate to a fast BM time? Will I lap Paul Anderson? Could Rob Lukacs prove doing the 'double' wasn't just a fluke of amazingness? (incidently that was one of the most impressive things I have ever witnessed).


Frank said...

Sounds great! I've already started training for this thing and with a lot of hard work between now and October I may break 30 mins!

Carson said...

Trev, I think this time you might want to just let your beer evaporate instead of trying to chug it.... you might finish faster.

Ryan said...

Trev, you should just have my daughter Jordanna represent you. She can chug the beers and run the four laps in your name...you'll definitly finish faster.

Clarke E said...

I'll be there for both! Hopefully it's ok if I bring more than a couple friends of friends to this beer mile...I work with a track runner and there might be quite a bit of interest in that community.

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