Saturday, October 1, 2011

Great day for crazy run race and a wicked Cross Race.

Today the skies cleared and the sun started shining just in time for the start of the River Park Classic Cross Country race (GPS file). It was great racing again and I love this series! It was my first XC race since my injury in Dec. ... I can't believe I haven't raced across any snow drifts or rivers since then?!?! Anyway, it was great fun. It was good to see Kyle out racing and hopefully he will have his injury figured out soon. He is a great example of not losing heart during a long injury. He knows he will be back and crushing it soon.

Micheal Godfrey, RoboTomo, Brad Barron, Melody, Marie and Mark Michalski, The Combine, Kyle, and I crushed it from the team. It was great to see good friends Cat 'Beer Mile' Brown and Jen Alexander out racing as well. Also, a good friend from Victoria, Colin McArthur, laid it down, looking forward to riding with him now that he is living in Cochrane.

Good luck to all the Crossers tonight !!


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