Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gala night a success.

Thanks to everyone that made last night so enjoyable. We had in excess of 50 people over at Tom's celebrating a great year for cycling and the club. We had lots of fun handing out serious and not-so-serious awards.

Tomo, just before receiving her 'RoboTomo' Award.
Andres receiving the coveted, 'Best New Guy with an Accent' Award.

Darcy receiving the 'Political Mercury' Award for dealing with Rocky View and Alberta Transportation.

Mike receiving an award that will go unnamed.

Marilyn getting nutrition to avert her 'Testy and Vocal Bonks' Award.


Lelly Matthews said...

Thanks to the Kennys for hosting this wonderful event and to all that helped organize such a great year!

running_on_ice said...

Hope everyone had a blast! Thank you all for such an awesome first season. Had a tonne of fun, and learned heaps. Thank you. Oh, and I think I found a group to cycle with here in Medellin. Looking forward to sporting the Speed Theory Kit down here.

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