Friday, October 7, 2011

STC Annual Gala, Clarke, Kona, and a perfect cyclist's house for rent.

1.) STC ANNUAL GALA:   It would be great to get almost every club member at this. I would love to catch up with most of you after a good season and it will be fun. Make sure to be thinking of something you can present to your buddy that is either encouraging, or trash talky, or both. Tom and I have several ideas for awards and roast-type presentations, but we weren't on all the training rides or in all the races, and would love to hear about some stories we missed out on.
         1a.) I have had some interest in the van traveling from the Beer Mile to the Gala. Please leave a comment to let me know if you would like to be in it. I will not get one if no one is using it.
         1b.) Our very own 'MC' Mike Godfrey is going to professionally announce the Beer Mile! It will be a spectacle and I (personally) encourage you to come and participate. However, this is NOT a 'sanctioned' club event.
         1c.) Make sure to invite all your friends to the Beer Mile as this is not a 'member only' event whatsoever. It is hosted by the local BM Ambassador Carson Bannon and has nothing to do with the club other than some of our members will be there. In fact, there is currently a challenge out from the STC girls: Tomo, Shelley, Marie, and Marilyn saying they will crush Niklas Group girls:  Sherri, Tanya H, Sandra, and Kaylee !! Any answer from the Top Gear girls ??
         1d.) Unfortunately Mark M. broke his ankle last weekend at the XC race. Also, unfortunately for me, he will probably still beat me.

2.) Clarke Ellis and his wife were the happy recipients of a brand new baby boy late last Friday night. Congratulations to the Ellis family and I look forward to meeting Spencer.

3.) If you are doing a long indoor training session tomorrow afternoon, the World Championships of Ironman will be streaming live. Mike Healy, can you tell us the best place to watch this, I heard Universal Sports is covering it? I know will be covering it too.

4.) I am completing my move out my house in Royal Oak and would like to rent it out since I like the location and would prefer to keep it. If you know a responsible person or family who would like to rent a 3-bedroom house, please get them to contact me.


Anonymous said... did a great job on live coverage of the 70.3 worlds. I think because they are doing it in association with Universal Sports the feed and quality has gone way up. also carry it live and free.

Your sports menu could start tonight at 11:00 PM with Ireland Vs Wales, 1:00 AM England Vs France, get a few hours sleep or whatever and tune in to Kona Saturday around 11:00 AM if you are so inclined.

Peter McCrory said...

Great night. Many thanks to Tom and Lesley for being fantastic hosts. Well done to Trev for a very entertaining awards ceremony. Sorry I have not been around over the summer, hope to see you all during the winter as I am back riding again. Cheers Peter

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